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The bright hues of color fade
The sun seemingly no longer as bright
The wide free sky looking as though it too is stuck in a cage
Lustrous white clouds swiftly change to grey
Thunder rolls and lightening arcs across a darkened sky
The ice cold bitterness of rain falls and shatters against pavement
Deathly cold and unforgiving
Coming down harder as wind picks up
Tearing and shredding branches from trees
Stripping leaves from the fragile veins that hold them together
The force of the wind gets stronger
Becoming a piercing scream amongst the cold wet death of rain
An abrupt slowing of wind a rain begins
Things stop
The world remains in its perpetual darkened state
The sky no longer wishing to brighten
The sun remains hidden behind thick, grey clouds
A large puddle of water lay still
Tainted dark red
A lone figure lying motionless in the midst of it
Clutching a final letter close to its heart
Once lively eyes stare out unblinkingly
Hollow and empty
A message etched in red scrawled across the paper of the letter
"I love you"
A perspective on the stormy end to love whether gradual or quick
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Submitted on
December 25, 2012
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